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100 the best E-motional Websites - Part 1 of 4

There is no design without sensuality, e-motions and feelings.
Is Webdesign something special, different than other kinds of design?
No, rather not, no definitely not!
So that’s why the group of designers from the Central Europe have started their mission.
Our main goal is to make the New Media Design more connected with artistic way of life.

Today, we would like to present you the first part of the most impressive and of course, e-motional designs, we have found on the web. The are not only technologicaly stunning, but also full of creative goals and unusual feelings.
Prix du viagra générique en pharmacie. The first 25 Web Aces are below. Only short terms for people who has work.

Show your support to our idea - digg us and bookmark our site or stay in touch with our feedburner :-), that is the best way to be connected with Art - which should be one and only of Web Limits!

Your E-motionaldesign.com Crew
Art is the WebLimit!

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

The Best 100 of E-motionalDesign.com

500th E-motional Website has just uploaded!

Special wishes for the Authors of Scandic Campaign.
All of you should see this bright idea!

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30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen

One of our experts PriveFolio was sentenced to be the one of the 30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen of the year 2006.

We are so proud of it…

References: See the PriveFolio of Ice.

Software Wars

We’ve just found in the forgotten abyss beneath the Internet Bunker of Evil the secret report from the Programmers War.
Our special agent Reckon Geckon show us the Last Stand Report on view of this cruel Conflict.

The results are here.

Heil to those brave Heroes!
Your Bravery and Splitted Blood will be never forgotten!

Cap. Ice Lotofsky 13th Cav. Reg. of Imperial Guardians of Design Chamber

13th of December 1981 - Marshal law was imposed in Poland.

…On the 13th of December 1981, to protect the Communist Party and the Secret Police, General Jaruzelski took the Army to the streets. Army tanks crashed the gates of the striking factories, the clashes resulted in deadly casualties, and thousands of „Solidarity” activists were arrested.

We are grateful to the American people and President Reagan for their solidarity during that time.

Millions of Poles, under extremely difficult conditions, took on the struggle to free political prisoners and to reinstate „Solidarity”. Those who remained faithful to the ideas and principles embodied by „Solidarity” believed that the results of their struggles would not be wasted. This, in the end, has not happened and, instead, the truth regarding the most recent history of Poland has been kept hidden from Polish society.

As a result, the people do not know why the newly won freedom had to result also in the loss of generations’ worth of national property and destruction of the nation’s economy….

/from the letter of legendary leader of first “Solidarity” Andrzej Gwiazda/

We will never forget…

Before the Music Dies…

Think sometimes about your pilot, your personal preferences and MTV programme…
Think Before the Music Dies…

Get all the plastic babes into the right place for ‘em… ;-)

Yes, we’re talking to YOU! And now - you know, to the right place ‘em…

Any problems with Central - European spelling?

No more…

We can show you the best way to know our lenguages…

Have fun ;)

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