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At E-motionalDesign.com, we pride ourselves on showcasing only the best CSS/Flash/Rich Media Webdesign, full of concepts, emotions and feelings.

We are looking to match our showcase with some equally impressive and serious advertisers.

E-motionalDesign.com consist many of digital creative professionals showcases from all over the world, showing their designs compared to our tastes, feelings and polish, easterneuropean’ romantic soul.

Advert spots will appear sitewide, banners (468×60, 400×50), topsite billboards (750×100), skyscrapers and our site’s layout has been optimized to emphasize our sponsors without compromising usability (we accept the static form of advertising as well as flash content).

Why should you become a Sponsor?

Our Site - E-motionalDesign.com - welcomes thousands of visitors daily who are in deep hunt for good designed web content and are inspired by the professional work done by others.

Being showcased here is great privilage for any web designer or developer (we are more than careful in our choices) and at least - it is normal - visibility of awarded sites is increasing.

How to Become a Sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please fill out the contact form with your name, company you represent, product or service you would like to offer, and which advertplan you would like to sign up for.


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