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No more…

We can show you the best way to know our lenguages…

Have fun ;)

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    Nicholas KERR 20:08pm, 6th Dec. said:

    I note that the package was addressed in the United Kingdom, where we're incredibly bad at diacritics. Hence references to "the caff" for "the café". The wonderful errors on this label are evidently due to an inability of software to decode Unicode characters. (The only one I can identify from my scant knowledge of polish orthography is the crossed l in Wrocław. One great feature of Apple iMac computers is the character palette, way beyond Microsoft's, which permits insertion of such characters relatively painlessly.) However, the claim of this entry is empty. It does *not* show me *any* way of learning Central European languages.

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    IceFury 20:08pm, 6th Dec. said:

    Nicholas - that was only a joke..., not the serious note. We've been fun about that idea...

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