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Mechs in the II World War

Short animation made by Marco Spitoni from Cee Gee.
Respect man!

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    MechFan003 19:00pm,17th Apr. said:

    Awsomness beyond words The battle itself was delightfully fun and very enjoyable. Love the quick yet not "too" quick motions of the mechs, you could really imagine them plodding about. Also the style and look of both was wonderful, Each really looked to be designed by their nations.

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    Brett 1:36am,18th Apr. said:

    lol wtf a japan mech too? awsome video great job.

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    Raptor Jesus 3:07am,18th Apr. said:

    I am impressed.

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    midwinter 9:36am,18th Apr. said:

    that was awesome. a movie and a game both need to be made.

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    Tim 12:52pm,18th Apr. said:

    Great job, very creative, nice touch adding the Arks little cameo:)

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    Marc 17:38pm,18th Apr. said:

    I am totally IMPRESSED!!! I hope to see more:)

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    hexidismal 18:26pm,18th Apr. said:

    Very cool, I enjoyed it. I'm going to check out their other videos right now.

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    John 20:00pm,18th Apr. said:

    Awesome.Best animated mech combat since Robotech.From the end i guess there will be a sequel?

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    Royale 20:18pm,18th Apr. said:

    Somebody is very talented! I am really impressed!

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    Steefje 20:47pm,18th Apr. said:

    Awesome. Everything fitted together perfectly; cinematics, sound, ... Really great, very professional. Nice job.

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    whs3 21:02pm,18th Apr. said:

    Pretty cool. Editing and action sequences were good. Too bad the voice acting was so terrible.

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    Snorski 21:57pm,18th Apr. said:

    Absolutely Gorgeous !!!!!

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    Pelor 22:05pm,18th Apr. said:

    That was just what I needed to see after a hard day at the office! I'd play that game and wear the t-shirt.

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    Jaume d'Urgell 22:19pm,18th Apr. said:


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    Bob Mann 22:20pm,18th Apr. said:

    I'm impressed with this video the only thing that kinda bugged me was how emotionless the voice over was. And As a proud American Im glad we didn't lose, and I know its fake, but think about how technically advaced Japan was/is and same true for Germany as well as its industrialisation. anyway great work keep up!

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    Lucius 22:52pm,18th Apr. said:

    Good god, that is outstanding.

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    Jeffrey H Wood 22:52pm,18th Apr. said:

    Very cool; fantastic mecha designs and animation. Not to be too nitpicky, but there were a number of military oddities, like the drop tanks on the Mustangs. Drop tanks enable long-distance travel, which they would not need to engage a target on their own base.

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    Sy 22:58pm,18th Apr. said:

    Fantastic... absolutely awesome! Only one negative point... you missed one thing... the Nation that one the war! - The British!

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    dave b 23:15pm,18th Apr. said:

    I am an old school artist, and I don't know how long and hard that small movie took to make, but I am certain it wasn't easy. Well done for all the hard work that must have gone into its production.

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    bartman 23:21pm,18th Apr. said:

    G R E A T

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    MarcoFan 23:25pm,18th Apr. said:

    That was Awesome, Marco! please do more! A+

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    Dorothy 0:03am,19th Apr. said:

    Oh wow, I absolutely loved it, you have an amazing talent for graphics.

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    Eric 1:20am,19th Apr. said:

    I’ll echo all the praise others have said, and add that ripping off the German mech’s arm, knocking off his head with it then shoving it into his neck is definitely an American thing. :) I also like that Marco didn’t show us another mech battle, but let us use our imaginations as to how it turned out. Great job, Marco!

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    Darwin 2:20am,19th Apr. said:

    Love the Ark of the Covenant cameo!!

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    Walt_Disney 2:42am,19th Apr. said:

    This is the type of animation that should be produced more often. A story, great effects and just all around worth admission. Very good work.

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    ReviewerA 2:56am,19th Apr. said:

    Awesome. Great CG work! Too bad about the unconvincing voice overs. The human pilots sounded like THEY were the robots. Haha!

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    Nid 3:28am,19th Apr. said:

    Beautiful and exciting! I love the scale of the robots and all the explosion details. The only thing that bugged me was that some of the swastikas seemed backwards. It's a bit distracting.

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    Rowan 3:34am,19th Apr. said:

    Dude , Excellent, Very well done and I love the way they used the soundtrack from the movie 1941 for the Jap Mechs entrance.

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    Baba Booey 4:04am,19th Apr. said:

    Bravo! Mi piace davvero. Viva Italia!

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    Eddie Cordo 4:26am,19th Apr. said:

    Dumb...and camp

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    Curtis 5:32am,19th Apr. said:

    Really cool! I thought it was running just a wee bit long - that is until the other robots showed up! This really would make a good game and/or movie! I really liked it.

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    Magnus 9:22am,19th Apr. said:

    Awesome! Really enjoyable!

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    Scilly 11:25am,19th Apr. said:

    Well what I want to know is how come a German Mech is attacking a US base that is quite clearly not in Europe! Don't get me wrong its great, I love the quote: "Its a machine how surprised can it possible be?" But anyway, how did it get to an American base? Especially one with palm trees? At first I thought it was wading across the English channel and you could see the white cliffs, that would have been cool, get some spit fires in on the action, and then a Lancaster Bomber or 3.

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    Da Worfster 12:36pm,19th Apr. said:

    Wow and double wow. Gimme a game I wanna game right NOW!!! Da Worfster

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    Fionn 12:46pm,19th Apr. said:

    only one problem really, the sad truth is German and Japanese are better at mechanics i mean look at modern day cars!

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    peerke 13:10pm,19th Apr. said:

    on of the details that bugged me: the sound of a mechanical air alarm coming from electrical speakers. also i did not really buy into a robot like this with 40's technology, i would have liked it more if it had people inside operating it. i could name many more small points of critisism but overall i'm very impressed with this effort.

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    THE SECOND BATTLE OF PEARL HARBOR… 15:16pm,19th Apr. said:

    [...] Wow… [...]

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    ZeeZoo 15:41pm,19th Apr. said:

    Awesome..the level of details is unbelievable..great effort man..this should be an Intro to a Video Game

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    Jimmm 16:52pm,19th Apr. said:

    Magnificent animation and staging. Okay, here's what I don't get: If the US had a robot all along, why did they allow dozens of soldiers and pilots die before deploying it? Just askin', that's all...

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    Chet 17:01pm,19th Apr. said:

    That. Just. Rocked.

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    shoprat 17:18pm,19th Apr. said:

    Impressive work....keep at it.

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    Gpa Rog 20:25pm,19th Apr. said:

    I applaud your work!

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    Evan 20:39pm,19th Apr. said:

    I would gladly donate to this it was amazing!!!!

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    jON SMITH 21:22pm,19th Apr. said:

    America 1 Nazi's 0

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    tdog 21:24pm,19th Apr. said:

    Why were the mustangs trying to destroy the obviously well-built robot with machine guns? The pilots were very disposable. Oops, lost another one... let's try the same thing again. The concept is awesome though. And why were the two bots rusted at the end? Did they just run out of batteries and the army just kinda left them there for 50 years?

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    Exti 21:29pm,19th Apr. said:

    Very well done. Impressive details. However, there is a filmographic mistake. After the US robot ripped the first arm off, Nazi robot rised both arms while pushing US one...

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    Ed 21:56pm,19th Apr. said:

    Awesome. Pity there's no Russian or UK mechs. Of course, the Nazi robots had been fighting the British and Russian robots for years before the Americans had even got there's built, that's why there's only one left :P

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    Nyarr 22:21pm,19th Apr. said:

    Nice work but.. where were the Candian, British, French, etc.. etc.. robots? I mean.. shouldnt the US robot have been the last one to be introduced before the Japanese?

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    FACT50 23:12pm,19th Apr. said:

    I love the video, but you really should give credit to John Williams for lifting his scores (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, 1941, etc). The last thing you want to do is get sued for copyright infringement. Although this is a free video, so I guess it wouldn't matter.

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    Lee Presson 23:21pm,19th Apr. said:

    THIS is what the movie "Pearl Harbor" was missing!

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    Kevin Walsh 23:39pm,19th Apr. said:

    really amazing work, I will agree about the drop tanks on the mustangs, also why were the mustangs wearing the d-day invasion stripes in june of 43? they could have mounted rails under the wings for 5" rockets instead

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    Verum 23:52pm,19th Apr. said:

    I didn't see any mistakes... I'm fairly certain that was occuring at Pearl Harbor. Historical Fiction at it's best, and I loved the exhuast from the German mech. What wasn't wrong: "Fantastic... absolutely awesome! Only one negative point... you missed one thing... the Nation that one the war! - The British!" I'm fairly certain there weren't any britains at Pearl Harbor. Don't get me started and what would've happened if America hadn't intervened. The technology was plausible, the first tanks were released during WWI. We had developed fission during this time perioud also. I imagine they didn't release the robot initially because there was probably a large crew aboard (my guess is 100), and preperations take time. As for how they got to Pearl Harbor, a ship probably dropped both mechs off outside of radar range. I'm assuming that the two robots rusted at the end because of the rain and sea spray. "Nazi robot rised both arms while pushing US one..." The US robot ripped off the forearm, you'll see that there's only wires swaying where the arm had been.

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    DeMann and Babe 3:35am,20th Apr. said:

    We watched this during dinner, like a movie...I'd pay money to go to the theater and see 3 hours of this, then buy the game and spend a couple hundred more hours in it hehehe

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    chrisp 4:10am,20th Apr. said:

    That was awesome! Surprisingly engaging story and action. More please.

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    Gwog 4:58am,20th Apr. said:

    Wow. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate that a FUCKING AWESOME.

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    Scullmeister 6:18am,20th Apr. said:

    Super cool man!

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    xhupf 8:21am,20th Apr. said:

    Awesome :)

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    renton 8:56am,20th Apr. said:

    just like real life, the american mech blew up some of its own troops and boats.

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    Andrea Controzzi 9:16am,20th Apr. said:

    Really a great work with awesome WWII details. Bravo Marco, siete dei grandi!

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    lee 13:13pm,20th Apr. said:

    Wonderful, animation. Great from start to finish. I'd echo the lack of Britons in the story and that its seemingly mainly playing to a U.S. viewership. Nevertheless a wonderous piece of work. Oh and to Verum to barely contained his disgust at the U.S. not being granted winner status, without question, in WW2 , where you would have been in Britain hadnt held back the Nazi swarm? In a Nazi state thats where. The invasion of Washington was already being drawn up 2 years before you entered the war and it wouldnt haven taken Mech to do it. Subjective I know but very plausable.

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    Roadrunner 14:30pm,20th Apr. said:

    Truly stunning on all levels. You kick ass with this film! I can think of no better application for getting into the movie-/gameindustry than this work of stunning art. I bow down to the Overlord of CGI. One minus is the voice-over, but that really doesn't matter. I LOVED to see it wade through the water!!

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    walen 14:48pm,20th Apr. said:

    Totally awesome. Only thing I could criticize would be when the nazu robot throws the truck at the airplanes, it doesn't look as natural as the rest of the film (hell, it's a film, not just a video), but still an amazing job.

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    Skeeter 14:56pm,20th Apr. said:

    Wow, that was just cool. Thanks!

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    BlazeMorgan 18:57pm,20th Apr. said:

    Very nice indeed. It's just my personal taste, but it actually lost me somewhat when the G.I.Robot entered the battle. I found myself much more engaged and interested when it was normal armed forces taking on the NaziBot. I was waiting for the humans to respond, keen to see one of those battleships lob a minor shell at the thing or how tanks would fare. Mech vs mech abruptly left reality too far behind.

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    Killgarr 20:48pm,20th Apr. said:

    FANTASTIC! Great modeling and better animation. The only flaw is the timeline, the 1st prototype mustang flew in 1940, and the Arc of the Covonant (sp, and did the rest of you see that?) was not found till mid 1940's in Radiers :) Loved it all :) Great work

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    Ash 21:03pm,20th Apr. said:

    Wow, really stunning. I loved the cameos especially the Indiana Jones ark convent. Also all the elements were seamless. Some of the background action needs some more tweaking but hell I couldn't even come close to producing something like this so I really don't know why I am bitching.

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    ElfShotTheFood 23:23pm,20th Apr. said:

    Very enjoyable and extremely impressive on a technical level, bad voice-acting aside. Great work.

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    J Flood 1:29am,21st Apr. said:

    I am looking forward to the FUTURE of ENTERTAINMENT. I just got a glimpse of it today! Bravo

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    Arnie Abrahamson 4:28am,21st Apr. said:

    What's with the long chin??

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    Bl@KBIRD 4:59am,21st Apr. said:

    How many ways can you express stupid?

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    DX 5:33am,21st Apr. said:

    Outstanding. Excellent animation. Look forward to more.

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    WarpeD 5:39am,21st Apr. said:

    Marco, intense. Most intense. Feels like a feature film done in five minutes. Love the ending. Got to think for a bit about what you're trying to say.....there's something in there. Inspiring for this CGI wannabe. Thanks.....

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    Taste 6:02am,21st Apr. said:

    Actually watching it lowers your standards and your brain cell count than just reading the title.

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    greediereedy 6:35am,21st Apr. said:

    Outrageous, so when's the game coming out?

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    MJDINDPENTHINKTRUDAT 6:43am,21st Apr. said:

    It would have been interesting if only Nazi Germany was represented as a robot...metaphorically speaking, that is. Great video! The triumph of good over evil is always cool to watch.

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    ajm 7:12am,21st Apr. said:

    The very last seconds made my day. Thanks.

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    Jenny 7:20am,21st Apr. said:

    omfg. Thats a cool movie, Hope you make more like that! :D If you do make more, put a game on too! :D great movie.

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    NationsPatriot.com 8:12am,21st Apr. said:

    un-frickin' believable. That was the sickest animation video I've ever seen. I'd hire you in a second for my Vid Game Idea, if it were further developed. XLNT job; fantastic music, graphics, visuals; very realistic!

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    benrand 8:26am,21st Apr. said:

    Amazing stuff, but why send in the fighters when you have a mech???

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    Nicole 8:51am,21st Apr. said:

    Great. Now lets see the British and Soviet Mechs! :)

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    Gary 10:30am,21st Apr. said:

    Excellent, WOW!

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    hackoff 10:54am,21st Apr. said:

    that video was awesome covered with cool and wrapped up in absolute win! there were some things about video that kinda bothered me (biggest? the USN has battleships with 16in guns in port and *no-one* thinks it would have been a good idea to turn them on the robot?) but i just i stopped myself from thinking any deeper and just enjoyed the carnage. fine work, all way around.

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    Starlong 12:05pm,21st Apr. said:

    Highly Proffesional ^^

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    Schadenfreude Studios 12:30pm,21st Apr. said:

    The ending seemed rather anticlimatic, and I agree with the voice-actors, but only with regards to Mustange 1. Otherwise a beautifully done piece of art.

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    theeye 12:39pm,21st Apr. said:

    Very Cool animation. WOW.

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    Mike 13:02pm,21st Apr. said:

    Good vid and I liked the choice of music. I picked out the theme when the machines were landing in Star Wars Ep. 1 during the one battle scene and during the credits I heard the Crimson Tide theme song. Pretty cool :)

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    Panzer 13:18pm,21st Apr. said:

    That was pretty awesome. I half expected a KGB robot to show up and take out Japan and America's robots. This would have made WWII much awesomer.

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    Jake 13:45pm,21st Apr. said:

    Was a wonderful animation. the only bit i got hung up on was the rockets from the American mech. Rockets were a German invention, so I was waiting for the nazi to start throwing some rockets around. Oh well, Beating him with his own arm made me laugh for like 2 min. I applaud sir!

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    DR. SATAN 14:19pm,21st Apr. said:

    One word... WOW!!

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    Darnell Clayton 14:44pm,21st Apr. said:

    That was awesome! We need more of this! You need to work for Pixar! This would definitely beat those kid films (like toy story and finding Nemo). Five stars!

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    Mario Azevedo 14:58pm,21st Apr. said:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Mario from Brazil.

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    Vlos 15:52pm,21st Apr. said:

    these guys need to work for video game companies

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    Joey L 15:53pm,21st Apr. said:

    Great animation job, but I got a little hung up by the Air Force guy on the base early on. He is wearing what is the current insignia of a Command Chief Master Sergeant, but the Air Force didn't come into being until 1947 and the rank of Chief didn't come until 1958. The Army Air Corps wore army rank insignia until about 1948 anyway. Even after the addition of the CMSgt rank, it wore a total of 6 'down' stripes and 2 'up' stripes until 1991.

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    Vulpis 16:08pm,21st Apr. said:

    Nice job for the most part on the animation (though a few spots looked a bit stilted--the truck-throw that was mentioned before in particular). I do have to echo another poster's comment--why in the world didn't the crew of at least *one* of those warships sitting around think to fire shells at the thing especially when it has cannon of its own? Also--kind of a bad move showing a medical truck getting blown up, *plus* there's the problem that the Red Cross has been getting b*tchy lately about their logo being used 'improperly', even in historical/historicaly-based features.

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    Tormod 16:36pm,21st Apr. said:

    Outstanding, make the movie or game, I'll stand in line overnight.

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    Arlo 17:11pm,21st Apr. said:

    Definitely enjoyable. But it's a toss-up between the video or the comments.

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    Sabastian 17:26pm,21st Apr. said:

    Nicely animated, imaginative, good art. Lots of military and geography silly points, but that is necessary to do stories about "mecha." The reason we've never built any is that they can be too easily blown to pieces by the prompt application of artillery fire. Which, in this case, could have been provided by any of the warships inexplicably sitting quietly in the background of this video. Of course, the warships appear to be built out of cardboard, as one practically jumped out of the water after being hit by a single rocket that couldn't have even packed the punch of an 8" shell. Okay, so that's in the tradition of war movies. The models always look too fragile. Good, fun, video, anyway.

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    Don 17:47pm,21st Apr. said:

    By 1943, US Warships were literally bristling with 20MM and 40MM anti aircraft guns. Dozens on a destroyer, hundreds on a Heavy Cruiser or a Battleship. The Mechs would have been litteraly ripped

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    BaboToss 18:01pm,21st Apr. said:

    That was A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

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    Brandi 18:05pm,21st Apr. said:

    Nice animation-- yes, the voice acting could've been better. Truth be told, the battleship should've been trying to kneecap the Nazi bot with its guns, but I figure we're not gonna let versimilitude stand in the way of a fun giant robot fight.

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    Rebel44 18:16pm,21st Apr. said:


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    Sickboy 18:23pm,21st Apr. said:


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    Robwood 19:12pm,21st Apr. said:

    Excellent, except for 2 things--1: If America had a robot all this time, why'd it take them so long to whip it out? and 2: What's up with that ending? Did they grapple with each other for so long that neither budged and then they just died?

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    grDal Mas 19:23pm,21st Apr. said:

    One of the most fantastic videos i have seen ,i love the mustangs so beatiful keep on going!we want more of this.make a movie on ww2 thema skip the mecs let there be dogfights djungle battles heroes and maybye a little bit romance to enjoy my wife. .

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    Ant 19:35pm,21st Apr. said:

    Awesomo (yeah Eric's fake robot)! Is there a higher quality version like HD?

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    FinalGamer 20:31pm,21st Apr. said:

    Very awesome indeed, you're a professional for sure! I bet you're gonna be doing more quality animation for big studios some day.

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    Andy 20:39pm,21st Apr. said:

    What a brainwave with reference to "Raiders of the Lost Ark"! Who can find it? :D

  108. Gravatar
    mudslid3 20:47pm,21st Apr. said:

    Brillant! loved your work when is the feature length out :D

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    Deadly_M 21:26pm,21st Apr. said:

    Did anyone spot the 'arc' from raiders in the crate ?

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    Ashley Pomeroy 21:34pm,21st Apr. said:

    That was fan-bloody-tastic. But surely the Jerries would have sent their robot up the Thames against London, and then Bolton, and Huddersfield, and Maghull. The British robot would have been technically inspired but quirkly and poorly-made.

  111. Gravatar
    Andy 21:43pm,21st Apr. said:

    Deadly_M: I did. Look at my post above :)

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    PaleoSapiens 21:56pm,21st Apr. said:

    Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!! Obviously, I could not have done the great job you did. If you want to know more about WWII, feel free to ask. Keep going with your ideas and talent...

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    strictlyfocused07 21:58pm,21st Apr. said:

    this video was awesome cant wait to this implemented in a game or even a squel to this in a movie

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    Chode 22:24pm,21st Apr. said:

    America, fuck yeah!

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    sjelly 23:03pm,21st Apr. said:


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    AnonymousFreak 23:11pm,21st Apr. said:

    Excellent animation work. Two minor gripes: 1. The Nazi Swastika has its points facing clockwise. The counterclockwise version is actually an old American Indian symbol for 'peace'. (The Nazi's ONLY used the clockwise version.) 2. The P-51s with black and white stripes on the wings and red tails were flown by the "Tuskegee Airmen", the all-black fighter group (The 332nd) Although they had solid-red tails, not just red rudders.

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    Serge 23:22pm,21st Apr. said:


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    Big Jeff 0:12am,22nd Apr. said:

    Love the square jaw on the Nazi Mech! Make the movie and we will come!!!

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    Sigil VII 1:08am,22nd Apr. said:

    Ark of the Covenant ftw! also: backwards swastika = fails

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    Smart Sonya 2:29am,22nd Apr. said:

    First of all - to the production team - Excellent job! Second of all - to each poster who made note of the inconsistencies regarding WWII (i.e., wrong stripes, guns, planes, etc) - Hello - you just watched an animation called "Nazi Robot Attack"! At what point did robots like this appear in WWII? Sheeesh. If you're going to point out any inaccuracies, please don't avoid the biggest one! Enjoy the film for what it is - a simply awesome Nazi Robot Attack.

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    Knight 2:35am,22nd Apr. said:

    Fantastic! Freakin sweet, I'm actualy going too college right now for video games/multimedia too. Excellent over all. :)

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    Big Al 2:56am,22nd Apr. said:

    That would most likely be the english channel the robot walked across, so it would be a port in the UK.

  123. Gravatar
    Big Al 3:03am,22nd Apr. said:

    The black and white stripes on the wings were put on all allied aircraft for the normandy invasion to distinguish friendlies from foes. The Tuskegee airmen did fly p-51's but the entire tail was red, not just the rudder. Looking at the vid again, there are palm trees at this port, so it is not the UK. Apparently, not just the robots are fictional.

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    AniFan 3:20am,22nd Apr. said:

    This was great. Very well done. Screw the critics, arm chair generals, and "accuracy" obsessives. 99.9% of the posters here couldn't even make something like this as well as this was done. It's a fantasy film about an imagined event, and it's a Hell of a good one at that.

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    Jeff McCann 4:14am,22nd Apr. said:

    Incrediable work! My god I would love to see a full feature film on this! Great job! Fantastic animation work!

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    Joe 4:28am,22nd Apr. said:

    I believe this was taking place in Hawaii... perhaps Pearl Harbor? Hence the trees.

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    Scott 5:06am,22nd Apr. said:


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    fanman 5:17am,22nd Apr. said:

    That was an awesome piece of work, looked and sounded very good, was waiting for a battlecruiser to fire his main guns on maybe another one, maybe on the japanese? if the german robot allready backed up from the impact of the guns onthe mustangs...a naval gun would have left a pretty big impact...that would have been sweet... :)

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    Great 7:40am,22nd Apr. said:

    I loved it - but one thing got on my nerves. Those ships had 12-pounder guns on them, and they never fired a shot! C'mon! :P Seriously, though, great stuff.

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    Terran 11:06am,22nd Apr. said:


  131. Gravatar
    Anti_Eden 11:22am,22nd Apr. said:

    i imagine this video was put together to showcase the animation and modelling talent of the people involved. any historical innaccuracies or possible plot holes most likely were not the top priority concern, and i'm glad they weren't. if the folks involved with this this video had to make sure they got the paint jobs of the planes and the stripes on uniforms 100% accurate, we may never have gotten to see it at all. i can't imagine the amount of total hours this took to put together. they didn't need to waste even more time just to get those minor things in place. major, major respect to these guys. they had a great, fun idea, and ran with it to put together this technical marvel, and truly kick ass video. excellent job on the modelling, texturing, and animation work guys! i'd definitely love to see more!

  132. Gravatar
    Sage 11:41am,22nd Apr. said:

    Well done, excellent work! Keep it up!

  133. Gravatar
    Pepe 14:38pm,22nd Apr. said:

    German tech was far superior than allied at that time, I cannot believe the US robot won over the German one. Besides that, it's an excellent video.

  134. Gravatar
    Matt 16:45pm,22nd Apr. said:

    I hope you guys are paying attention to these comments because you have a really fantastic concept on your hands! Like pretty much everyone else here, I sincerely hope you continue to explore this notion as I'd love to be engaged with any form of medium you put out in this alternate wwII universe. Game, movie, movie clips, comics...whatever, I'm just hungry for the concept you've created. Really, everyone, damn fine work!

  135. Gravatar
    JohntTomato 18:43pm,22nd Apr. said:

    What about the 16" rifles on the battleships? Would have blown that bot to Dresden.

  136. Gravatar
    Jim Mc 19:35pm,22nd Apr. said:

    I have always maintained that cg/special effects alone cannot carry a movie. I WAS WRONG!!!! I TOTALLY enjoyed this! The look, the feel, and the atmosphere were ALL spot on!!! I really enjoyed the mechs slugging it out toe to toe. (it sort of reminded me of the old rockem sockem robots). In the end, the good guys won, but the emrgence of the Japanese mech spoke of more stories in the future(I hope). Congrats on great work, we all hope to see more!!!

  137. Gravatar
    calcium 19:53pm,22nd Apr. said:

    lol! Love that Nipple-Gun! :D btw awesome video!

  138. Gravatar
    BanditRingtail 21:02pm,22nd Apr. said:

    Great movie. My only nitpicks are the voice acting (pretty emotionless, and there were times I could tell it wasn't American voice actors), and the fact there was only one US mech. =P I'm of the opinion that we would've built our mechs like our tanks. Smaller and oriented more towards eliminating infantry, but also far more numerous. We should've had five mechs swarming the Nazi one. The Japan mech was a nice touch too. The only other complaint I have is the Americans' response wasn't realistic. If a giant mech came waltzing through a US Military base, they'd respond with everything they had. I'm surprised none of the guns on the ships attacked it! Something that large and armored calls for heavy bombardment. A couple howitzer shells would've made a dent at least. Still, darn good movie. Hope to see another one sometime soon!

  139. Gravatar
    CatSplat 21:09pm,22nd Apr. said:

    Really enjoyed that little flick, obviously lots of work put into it. To be honest, though, the pilot voices were rather annoying and I kept wondering when the battleships were going to blow the robot away.

  140. Gravatar
    Andrewb 21:47pm,22nd Apr. said:

    brill CGI :) missing the brits tho even tho its at peal harbour maybe another installment with us brits :) can guess its peal harbour cos if you look close at that and the peal harbour film you will see very close layout to the film :)

  141. Gravatar
    Eagle Transporter 22:19pm,22nd Apr. said:

    Incredible. Give Jeff Wayne a call - he's having difficulties with his CGI.

  142. Gravatar
    T3XAN 22:38pm,22nd Apr. said:

    Very good job! Did anybody suddenly want to hear IronMan from Ozzy after that? lol

  143. Gravatar
    ShadowVlican 22:55pm,22nd Apr. said:

    holy crap that was awesome!

  144. Gravatar
    kingwolf 23:58pm,22nd Apr. said:

    THIS FREAKIN ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Gravatar
    Chris 1:49am,23rd Apr. said:

    Pearl Harbor was caught by surprise you wannabe, armchair critics. Read up on your history lessons before you open your ignorant mouths.

  146. Gravatar
    Bossmojoman 2:03am,23rd Apr. said:

    Now this is a Mech game i want to play. And for those critical of the work because it dodnt show country X. Wah, i just watched Hot Fuzz last night and i didnt whine cause it didnt have any americans in it.

  147. Gravatar
    Chris 2:40am,23rd Apr. said:

    why are you not making feature-length films!?!?!?!?! go make one now please. haha

  148. Gravatar
    Gregory Pierce 3:04am,23rd Apr. said:

    I love to see people with creativity and a willingness to express it. Kudos. Open a paypal and I'll toss you dsome money.

  149. Gravatar
    jmmetty 4:17am,23rd Apr. said:

    great job! my only nitpicks are all the stupid nitpicks!!! well done with everything. Looking forward to more.

  150. Gravatar
    SpectreHD 5:40am,23rd Apr. said:

    Great video. The only thing I find disturbing was that the Iowa class battleships would have nuked it with 16" shells the moment it came ashore.

  151. Gravatar
    Roy 5:42am,23rd Apr. said:

    Wow! Now this is what you call CGI!

  152. Gravatar
    Scorpio 5:48am,23rd Apr. said:

    It was O.K. , But it needed a Soviet Mech !

  153. Gravatar
    Pherstun 6:26am,23rd Apr. said:

    That is seriously awesome! I don't care if there are mistakes in it, the animation is totally brilliant, and I really enjoyed watching it!

  154. Gravatar
    bender 6:28am,23rd Apr. said:

    Fantastic! Make More! Share your gift!

  155. Gravatar
    Jan 6:41am,23rd Apr. said:

    When will mankind use it´s ability and powers for creative and helping purposes. There´s a lot to do to heal the world. Those wars, whether virtual or real should be over now.

  156. Gravatar
    M26 7:23am,23rd Apr. said:

    Guys, it's fiction so calm down with all the nit-picking! It's a bad-ass little feature that you just got to watch for free and all you can do is bitch because not every country is represented with their own Mech' - what, seriously, is the matter with you people? "Hey, why didn't you make this longer so I can point out more stuff that's wrong with it?" It's okay to critique in a constructive way, but all you smarmy ones who feel the need to cut this thing down need to a) Get a life b) Make your own historically accurate WWII Mech' story... oh, I guess that's impossible, hmmm (somehow a few of you completely missed that part) c) Learn how to not be such a snarky douche. It's free to watch, jackasses! When you pay for a ticket and $30.00 worth of Coke and popcorn, then you have a little more leeway to complain as though Mr. Spitoni owes you something. So, either be nice and say constructive, respectful things, or shut up. Pretty simple really.

  157. Gravatar
    Itxi 9:04am,23rd Apr. said:

    Great animation, i cant imagine the amount of hours you put into this to get it to this quality. Only complaint was that the it was a bit 'God bless America!' The american mech turning up and the german mech not even standing a chance. The two tactics of the nations during the war was Germany built a few powertanks and the Americans built loads of notsogood tanks. (about 4 american tanks to 1 German one) It just would have been more true to the two nation's tactics if there had been loads of smaller american mechs against the one massive nazi one.

  158. Gravatar
    Liberator 9:11am,23rd Apr. said:

    Excellent work could be a great movie. And all those attacking the "accuracy" of certain things, well I don't ever recall meca robots fighting in the war. It's an alternate reality - not ours.

  159. Gravatar
    Vincent 9:45am,23rd Apr. said:

    "The Real Pearl Harbor." Only two things I didn't like, and they're not major problems. Number one: The wing leader's voice sounded very...artificial to me. Whether or not this was a real person's voice, It just sounded incredibly synthetic, and kind of annoying. Number two: Why didn't the americans pull out their mech in the first place? Kind of a waste of resources if you ask me.

  160. Gravatar
    Kevin Russell 10:15am,23rd Apr. said:

    Fantastic animation! I specifically liked the bit when the Yank robot missed the Nazi and blew one of his own boats killing all personnel on board - a bit of friendly fire - so historically accurate too.

  161. Gravatar
    UltimateBob 10:16am,23rd Apr. said:

    Very cute, but from a Sci-Fi realism perspective its rather dumb :) Front Mission 4 intro. Not only is it cooler, but it also is more logical on how combat mechs would be designed and used.

  162. Gravatar
    Baratacus 10:31am,23rd Apr. said:

    It's a Fun CGI movie you wannabe grognards. Who cares about insignia's and paint schemes. Mecha are fictitional. For all of you that want to know why a bunch of battleships in a shipyard undergoing repair and refitting weren't firing their unmanned guns... They weren't manned. Do you know how much time and personelle it takes to fire a weapon on a ship? Even a quad bofor couldn't operate if the ship generators were off line. Regardless, that would have made a really great 1 min movie... mech wades into harbor and "Boom!" is blown out of the water by a 16 inch gun. The end. (lame) As far as brittish mechs... Great Brittain flew wooden planes in ww2, theres no need to say more on that matter. , GB, Russia, and France showing... it was in the U.S.! Europe couldn't even hold it's own boarders what would they be doing sending mechs to defend the U.S.? As far as Canada... please... As far as why the U.S. didn't get involved earlier and the U.K. holding germany at bay so it didn't attack the U.S. ... WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE? (further response because I can't stop there) why would the U.S. get involved with Europe's squabble? I'm sure they (the U.S.A.) expected the european nations to be able to take care of one repressed country's uprising. Germany never attacked the U.S. because it couldn't win that fight. Not because the U.K. was holding them at bay. The U.S.A. didn't know all of the European Nations were going to get their collective ass handed to them. Once it became clear the alies were going to loose the war the U.S.A. stepped in and saved their butts. I'm sure that You're welcom regardless of your ungratefullness... location, judging by climate, landscape, etc... Florida or south-east coast in some nameless shipyard. How the mech got there... who cares? waded across the ocean floor till it surfaced in the shallows off the florida keys? Air dropped? Shipped to the coastline and dropped off? If he went into detail I'm sure everyone would have picked that appart too. The movie was fun, and it was awesome! Great character animations and textures. I love how the U.S. and Japan never finished their battle, and remains locked in an ongoing battle to keep Japan from taking over the U.S.A.

  163. Gravatar
    INDIANFORCE 10:32am,23rd Apr. said:

    Just one word: GREAT!

  164. Gravatar
    Moe479 12:20pm,23rd Apr. said:

    hmmm wasted time on an aready borring theme ...nazi vs american vs japan -_- right the russian mech is left ... how sad ... instead of this crap make films that cover the classic battletech books in a similar qualety, maybe a bit more work on the voices, that will realy porn those lame guys from wizkids, that doesnt get such suff on thier productionlines ... make the first movie for free and for the second one there will asked to make it for profit by the holder of the cbt-license(of cause for thier profit too)...

  165. Gravatar
    Paul 13:08pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Dudes, it's just some robots fighting. period. It's probably in Pearl Harbour because it's a recognizable locale. Don't know why people feel the need to apply a bunch of real world crap to a short film that has nothing to do with the real world. Appreciate it for what it is, and leave it at that.

  166. Gravatar
    McCain 13:20pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Wow, awesome!

  167. Gravatar
    Kokeman 14:11pm,23rd Apr. said:

    It would be nice if we could play video games with that much realism. Very impressive.

  168. Gravatar
    kasarah 14:38pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Did you happen to catch the French bot that turned and ran at the first shot?! :)

  169. Gravatar
    Bill C 14:54pm,23rd Apr. said:

    WOW! that was amazing! how did he make that video? What software etc??

  170. Gravatar
    martinvolendam 15:54pm,23rd Apr. said:

    perfect and good motions. Keep up this good work..

  171. Gravatar
    Julie P. 16:03pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Who cares if it's not historically accurate? That was awesome!

  172. Gravatar
    darkjester 16:07pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Great film! Very well directed and edited, amazing visuals. Voice acting is terrible!! Anyone can READ lines, voice actors should ACT them, lol! Otherwise top notch!

  173. Gravatar
    Laffer 16:39pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Very, very good movie in every respect. Keep up the great work. Baratacus - Has more than likely got an IQ of less than 40. Otherwise he/she would read history books and actually know what he/she was talking about.

  174. Gravatar
    Everian 16:39pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Wow, really good movie, im a big mecha fan and i liked it a lot. keep up the good work. :)

  175. Gravatar
    Reabe 16:50pm,23rd Apr. said:

    On those people who are saying "Why did it take so long for the Americans to get their own Mecha going?" is because they did get it going as soon as the attack started, however, the time it took for the Nazi Mecha to decimate that squadron of planes is the amount of time it took for the American Mecha to get to the part of the base that had the Nazi Mecha on it. Anyway, fantastic film. Also, an awesome alternative history, that I wouldn't mind paying a movie ticket to see more of!

  176. Gravatar
    Tomahawk422 17:11pm,23rd Apr. said:

    WOW! That is something. The graphics is really excellent

  177. Gravatar
    GI Joe 18:23pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Sombody Hire Ceegee before the Japanese do.

  178. Gravatar
    Hawkeye 18:37pm,23rd Apr. said:

    So what was a German mech doing at Pearl Harbor?

  179. Gravatar
    Itmm 19:05pm,23rd Apr. said:

    I'm not really into animation at all, but this was a total eye opener for me, I'm seriously impressed with your work Marco, amazing detail and textures, well done! Fantastic

  180. Gravatar
    james 19:29pm,23rd Apr. said:

    better than any commercial video game intro i've ever seen... However i'll agree with the one poster about the drop tanks. You don't use drop tanks when you're defending your own airfield/base. I can handle dramatic innacuracies (like machine guns being deadly accurate against fast moving air targets, the mech walking through the ocean at only chest deep, the planes flying through the hanger and ships), but the drop tank thing was neither dramatic nor accurate therefore not needed at all. Good video.

  181. Gravatar
    woozywig 19:31pm,23rd Apr. said:

    quite an impressive animation. great action of course. a couple of minor niggles for me were- the german mech looked a lot like bruce forsyth (especially that chin) wearing lord vaders helmet. http://www.speakers.co.uk/csaWeb/media/pix/h250/BRUFOR_h250.jpg the human faces killed the realism and the ending was cliched for me and by theat point i was a little bored

  182. Gravatar
    woozywig 19:35pm,23rd Apr. said:

    oh and one more slightly ickle little niggle i disliked was the use of sacing private ryan music. that score was made for a movie honoring those who died in the war and using it on a fun film is a little disrespectful sorry

  183. Gravatar
    atc 20:20pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Very well done.

  184. Gravatar
    Chad 20:24pm,23rd Apr. said:

    While I enjoyed the animation. My suspension of disbelief was broken right away. a) The implication it walked across the ocean...it's a long walk from Germany to the south seas. b) Coming up in a WW2 naval port? The 20 and 40mm guns on the decks of those ships, plus the 5, 8, 14, and 16 inch deck guns would have killed Nazimech before it got ashore. They just couldn't carry enough armor to survive naval gunfire. Needed to come ashore at some airbase someplace. Still, I'm envious of the animation skill.

  185. Gravatar
    [HEAD]_Spook 21:05pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Absolutely brilliant man you have genius

  186. Gravatar
    robo_b 22:10pm,23rd Apr. said:

    Didn't care for the actual subject matter, but technically awesome. The skill that is required to make such a polished movie like this blows my poor wee mind. Well done!

  187. Gravatar
    MM 0:00am,24th Apr. said:

    Amazing film. To all those complaining about the naval guns and why they didn't fire on a *moving* mech. Think about it guys. If one of those guns missed the mech it would destroy them. So no commander would order his own troops suicide like that. That would be insane to make an order like that. Also if anyone knows anything about naval warfare it isn't a in your face option. Also the point on the voice over. The mustang leader was supposed to sound calm and slow. That is his job. Finally as for walking across the sea. I could believe that. Godzilla did that how many times already?

  188. Gravatar
    Elvis Christ 0:10am,24th Apr. said:

    I have no words ...

  189. Gravatar
    Toxindude 0:11am,24th Apr. said:

    That rocked simply amazing alot of work was put into this and I greatly appriciate it .

  190. Gravatar
    Manuel Pellerano 0:29am,24th Apr. said:

    Hope to see more!!!!!

  191. Gravatar
    Corvus 0:41am,24th Apr. said:


  192. Gravatar
    globalgorrilla 0:53am,24th Apr. said:

    yeah! sucked me in and I was watching a great movie... nice movements around the large objects, cranes, ships etc...

  193. Gravatar
    Maniac 1:00am,24th Apr. said:

    Impressive mate, truly impressive....

  194. Gravatar
    Timmy C 2:20am,24th Apr. said:

    Great clip! Good skills =) Only gripe from me is, as an Iowa-class BB fan, the Iowa-class battleship in the film is the modernized version, not the WWII era version ;)

  195. Gravatar
    Chuff McGruff 2:23am,24th Apr. said:

    um, that was incredibly gay.

  196. Gravatar
    Timmy C 2:28am,24th Apr. said:

    Oh forgot to mention, great choice of credit music ;) Love the Crimson Tide theme too!

  197. Gravatar
    tash 3:01am,24th Apr. said:

    DAM GOOD 10/10

  198. Gravatar
    zomfg 4:51am,24th Apr. said:


  199. Gravatar
    shawn 7:29am,24th Apr. said:

    so when is the game due out..... that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Gravatar
    Jshort 9:04am,24th Apr. said:

    Typical Americans, a German made robot walks half way round the world to Pearl Harbour??? Yep that makes sense.

  201. Gravatar
    Aces 12:27pm,24th Apr. said:

    This was better tna most of the movies of 2006

  202. Gravatar
    Rob M 13:39pm,24th Apr. said:

    That was a great movie! Superb! I know it wasn't historically accurate, but, who wants accuracy in a film like this? It stands as a piece of fantasy! The comment above about "The Brits were still flying wooden planes in WWII" is a bit pathetic though, the Hurricane was partly wood, but was a renowned fighter that was well known for the amount of damage it could take and still fly, the DH Mosquito was all wood, but was one of the fastest planes of the war, an excellent fighter/bomber and recon aircraft, the Fairey Swordfish was wooden but was instrumental in sinking many Nazi ships with torpedos, so don't knock wooden planes! The British made many amazing technical advances like computers (Colossus), RADAR and electronic systems for bomb aiming etc., and also made specialized versions of tanks and AFVs so a British Mech could stand alongside its American buddy! I would love to see a longer film like this with British and Russian Mechs too!

  203. Gravatar
    GhostBear 13:41pm,24th Apr. said:

    Phenomenal! (And was that the Ark of the Covenant I saw bust out of a crate when the Mustang hit the dirt?)

  204. Gravatar
    bongo 15:55pm,24th Apr. said:

    You knew the Nazi robot would lose because he fired bullets out of his nipples.

  205. Gravatar
    Bctcteacher 15:55pm,24th Apr. said:

    And now for the commentary, Yesterday Pearl Harbor was attacked by a very stupid Nazi war machine. Although it killed scores of personal and aircraft (more commentary on the aircraft later) relatively little damage was done to Pearl itself. On site reports say that the first major item that the Nazi war machine attacked was a lightly defended light house, reporters speculated that if the light house had had more warning it might have made a better showing. A congressional committee will be formed to find out why the US Navy decided and I quote "Hey it wasn't shooting at us, so should we shoot at it?" and if the "DAM Army Air Core would have stopped crashing those planes into our ships we would have gotten off even easier". It is suspected, from several close to the source leaks that the Army Air core called that flight of fighters in knowing they would be quickly destroyed so the Army it's self could finally after long delays and millions of tax dollars spent in what was to be called the biggest boon dongle of the war. Finally was able to justify and unleash the Ultra Top Secret USAMSMII, (United States Army Mod Solider II) or U-Sams-2. Finally a government program that restored the good name to US armor building after such disastrous program like the Sherman Tank series. Both the Usam2 and Nazi war machine battled around the Pearl facility doing great damage to the infrastructure and surrounding buildings. The Nazi machine lost due to the technological superiority of the UsamII which won the day. Coming late to the battle was the Nip's version of our superior USamsII. Our superior design became readily apparent when the Nips showed up to a gun fight with a long knife. This reporter wonders how long the Nips can last when they employ tactic like that!

  206. Gravatar
    Dan 16:05pm,24th Apr. said:

    I love the people who are commenting on historical inaccuracies in the middle of a Nazi-Mech movie. Kinda like pointing out the Physics flaws in Star Trek. Awesome movie. This would be a sick video game.

  207. Gravatar
    Check Moi 17:45pm,24th Apr. said:

    Great graphism , great video like a film!!! that's as professionnal! good job guys!

  208. Gravatar
    Leet 21:36pm,24th Apr. said:

    Where is the British, Russian, and Italian robot? Other than that, go USA! 15/10 Get hired.

  209. Gravatar
    The Pendragon 21:49pm,24th Apr. said:

    I must say I am so impressed I am having trouble atriculating what I want to say. This is one of the most truly AWESOME things I have seen. If this is to be a game....I would be ready now to buy it...if it were to be a film proposal...tell me when it will be released....and if I can...I would support it to the best of my ability. WELL DONE!!!!!

  210. Gravatar
    elcuquito 22:38pm,24th Apr. said:

    MORE I needed MOOORE please geat job!

  211. Gravatar
    Chin 1:25am,25th Apr. said:


  212. Gravatar
    TheBookOfRandom 3:16am,25th Apr. said:

    Why were the Japanese using a robot obviously built during the 1400s? >_>

  213. Gravatar
    Eh 9:26am,25th Apr. said:

    The swastikas on the Nazi mech are on backwards. Just sayin'.

  214. Gravatar
    barnie 14:07pm,25th Apr. said:

    Alter! Fett!!!!

  215. Gravatar
    wilddog 14:28pm,25th Apr. said:

    Just to say brill ! you need to have a chat with Andy Jones ;) Moto Sakakibara, Chris S. Capp. If you need a reference the animation art work and director work, here is that :)Hope to see more.

  216. Gravatar
    nic 5:30am,26th Apr. said:

    the mech bot thing totally looks like darth vader hahahahahahahahah this is hilarious

  217. Gravatar
    lemming 6:32am,26th Apr. said:

    I love the ark of the convenant easter egg.

  218. Gravatar
    Chris the Fuzzy 7:04am,26th Apr. said:

    That was just breathtaking! You had best be getting paid for this.

  219. Gravatar
    Alexandre Costa 13:31pm,26th Apr. said:

    IMPRESSIONANTE !! Muito bem produzido !! Como faço para salvar este vídeo ?

  220. Gravatar
    Capital T 15:35pm,26th Apr. said:

    Great details and graphics. The story idea fantastic.

  221. Gravatar
    Weavdog 15:59pm,26th Apr. said:

    Don't be so picky youz guyz! This is an awesome effort and should be applauded. If that were made into a game, I'd buy it!

  222. Gravatar
    robofragged 19:13pm,26th Apr. said:

    If you want to play a big robot game like this take a look at "Robot Alchemic Drive" on the PS2. It's a good game, you control gigantic robots in a city and have to fight other big robots. As for the short movie. Real cool. Except it could easily be destroyed by bombers I would think.

  223. Gravatar
    Bunge 20:37pm,26th Apr. said:

    Perfect. Exellent job, sir. Bravo!

  224. Gravatar
    vampiro62 21:42pm,26th Apr. said:

    :D Excellent job!!!

  225. Gravatar
    Gus 22:36pm,26th Apr. said:

    American Forces traveled thousands of miles to join the war and defeated the Nazi's while at the same time fighting Japan on the other side of the world. What makes you think the Nazi's would have been successful here? The anti-U.S. sentiment in Britain these days seems to make it open season for revisionist history, or in poster Lee's case, wishful thinking that we would have lost. The graves of American fighting men on European soil belong to those fighting to help defeat Britain's enemies. The graves of British soldiers on American soil belong to those that came to fight Americans. This video was fantastic, and I hope there will be more of the same featuring all the forces of WWII.

  226. Gravatar
    Slayer 5:14am,27th Apr. said:

    Truly impressive. Every single aspect of this videop showed truly masterful skills on the part of everyone involved. Serious kudos to all involved. Thank you for such a wonderful piece of work.

  227. Gravatar
    Spotz 14:24pm,27th Apr. said:

    You fucking ruined it in the second half. Mega fail.

  228. Gravatar
    Whatever 19:13pm,27th Apr. said:

    Gus, simply you're full of shit. It was a World War.. get it.. World?

  229. Gravatar
    Zorro 19:59pm,27th Apr. said:

    Extremely well done!!! Is there a downloadable version? This site is blocked from work so I can't just show it from there.

  230. Gravatar
    El Vic 20:05pm,27th Apr. said:

    Simply I N C R E D I B L E !!!

  231. Gravatar
    DC 20:54pm,27th Apr. said:

    Too bad about the amateur voice acting.

  232. Gravatar
    sxemf 1:03am,28th Apr. said:

    Very very good, must have taken you months to complete! Wow

  233. Gravatar
    .arGh! 1:24am,28th Apr. said:

    really nice piece of work. only the german grammar in the beginning wasnt that right..

  234. Gravatar
    HelloWorld 13:09pm,28th Apr. said:

    Peace people We love you

  235. Gravatar
    Drake 19:08pm,28th Apr. said:

    That was a great film! Like so many other said, it was a ficticious piece and stop trying to pin real time stuff on it.. you're suspence of disbeliefe should have ended when they dropped the veil on the mech in the first place! ----------------------- Bctcteacher, that was a great commentary! Funny as hell. The "Nip" references were a little excessive, but I assume that was keeping with the period style writing and not bigotry.----------------- RobM, very accurate information regarding wooden planes in WWII but does illustrate the Technological slowness of the allies in comparrison to the Nazi's and the Japanese durring that time. The U.S. wasn't very far ahead of the rest of the allies but did have a few years advantage technologically as they entered the war much later, and could spend those years preparing for war since they had the luxury of time on their side. That anyone had a mecha is rediculouse and thats why the movie is so fun. It would suffice to say that anyone could have entered this brawl with their mecha, even a wooden framed one.----------------------- Laffer, I didn't see any historical innacuracy in Baratacus' commentary, but it was full of personal oppinions that one may or may not agree with. ease up on the personal slander.-------------- Whatever, it wasn't a world war untill the U.S. got involved, again with the personal slander.------------ Great video, great models and texturing. I loved the jaw drop of that dock worker! Things I would do differently (assuming I could do any of this in the first place) ease up a little on the furry eyebrows of the pilots... ;)

  236. Gravatar
    Frank Dattore 22:37pm,28th Apr. said:

    SPECTACULAR.....I enjoyed every second of....I love the folks looking for historical accuracy and PC language what a bunch of maroons....this is truly terrific....thanks so much for making it available!!

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